I am just too happy that the clots in my leg and the CIV are gone, and I would not dream complaining about it.I was just at the doctor and told her I just had problems breathing and I was so tired.

Diagnosed on Tuesday with dvt and bilateral pulmonary embolism.I have noticed a problem with memory and difficulty expressing thoughts and ideas.Yes and tread lightly on internet info. as recommended previously, it could be more confusing and stir up more unnecessary anxiety.Very few people get this, but if you continue to have breathing issues for longer than six months (I mean if you never have any resolution of your symptoms) ask your doctors to test you for Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension.

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I have my 4th kid on the way and I would very much like to be around to watch her grow up.I then drove to the hospital where they told me I had severe fatigue and I just needed to rest.I was told that I am of the lucky few to survive this type of PE.

I almost passed out from anxiety when he performed a test with the camera going down my nose and throat using a local anesthetic spray.I hope they get in touch with you or you can get in touch with them.As a side note, I also have problems with my thyroid, but not as a result of a nuclear scan.My extensive DVT in my knee, thigh, and common iliac vein have been treated with a thrombolysis, plugged into machines for 20 hours.I am so glad you went to the ER and took your health into your own hands.The clot broke free from my calf, right behind the knee, traveled through my heart and lodged into my left lung.Once I start moving about I drop like a rock, so oxygen is needed.My periods last up to 10 days and I go through 3 large boxes of heavy pads.

This is so empowering to hear your doctor is supportive, Suzana.It is a long, long process, but you will start to see small improvements that will accumulate and then turn into bigger, more permanent improvements.How DVT Can Lead to Pulmonary Embolism Arteries, on the other hand, are muscular, high-pressure vessels that carry oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood from the heart to other parts of the body.There are many people here to help and share experiences with so I hope you will not be a stranger.I developed a PE in my left lung after I had surgery on my left leg because of a broken leg,the MD put me on Enoxaparin as well as Warfarinization, the internal medicine doctor said I would go back on 81mgs of aspirin once Warfarin treatment was finished,then I was transferred to a cottage hospital closer to my home,and under another general practioner.

I was in the Cardiac ICU for six days and the hospital for ten days total.He sent me directly to ER, and they ran every test they could and found the colt on my left lung.

I was tested full blood panel after discontinuing blood thinner (Xarelto) for 24 hrs. before test.The reason I am dying is because my IVC filter removal Stanford it is currently corroding and is in 3 pieces ones going to my heart and one is right at my kidneys.As the blood thins (for example when on a blood thinner) and travels throughout the veins, it actually hits the clot and can eventually break away enough to flow by it in some cases.I got shortness of breath at work (26th July 2016) and went home sick thinking I just had a chest infection or that winter bug that was going around.Blood clots can. the DVT will dissolve and go away on its own. However,.I will be thinking of you and wishing you more good days than not and that you start to feel better soon. Take care.They seemed to know what was going on as soon as I got there.

I have seen a doctor and told him I have had blood clots and so far I have just had x Ray and told I have tendinitis.I found a wedge to elevate my legs at night, and I do not eat salt, to make the swelling go down.A short time into treatment I experienced serious chest pain and it felt like I passed a clot through my heart.I thought the pain and shortness of breath was due to my Multiple Sclerosis.My ultrasound is on 13th August hoping everything is alright with my heart.

I had a DVT in lower calf and it was still cramping for about a few weeks on and off.If he is not on blood thinners, you might want to get hi back on them.I have been told of the 6 months recovery, foods to avoid and alcohol, however they can not tell me how it came about.